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Our company participated in the '2017 Shanghai DOMOTEX Asia', Asia's largest construction materials exhibition held in Shanghai between March 21 and 23, to showcase our company's highly functional flooring and tile products. At this year's event, our company gave visitors a look at products tailor-made to fit different spaces such as medical areas, academic organizations, offices, and living areas. Our company also received a great response from visitors with our functional items such as flooring products for seniors, specialized rubber flooring products (for sports, railways), and PF insulation products. 

In particular, 'Medistep Origin', a flooring product for medical venues, uses non-phthalate plasticizers instead of phthalate plasticizers which are known endocrine disrupting chemicals. As such, it has been used in major medical facilities in China including the Baoyu Health Center in Bozhou City, Anhui Province and receiving great reviews. 

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Our company won the Innovation Award at the 'JEC World 2017', an international exhibition for composite materials held in Paris, France on March 15. The honor was extended to our company's roof rack* product which was co-developed with Hyundai Motor Company.

Hosted by the JEC Group, a union of French corporations in the composite materials industry, 'JEC World' is the largest exhibition for composite materials in the world with more than 1,200 companies from related fields participating in the event every year. 'JEC World' also selects winners for its Innovation Award each year for companies with outstanding technology for new materials in automobiles, airplanes, and ships. Our roof rack product featuring Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic (CFT), a lightweight material our company developed independently, is not only approximately 30% lighter than other aluminum products but it also requires one-fifth in terms of the number of parts that go into its production, meaning it is effective in reducing production costs. Our company plans to mass produce roof racks using CFT next year and supply it to automobile makers in Korea. 


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LG becomes the first Korean company to win the top honor at the ‘Milano Design Awards 2017’


From April 4 to 9, our company participated in the 'Milano Design Week 2017', the largest design exhibition in the world, held in Milan, Italy. Joined by LG Electronics and LG Display, our company promoted LG's philosophy and determination towards innovation with regards to design. In this year's Milano Design Week, LG worked together with world-renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who expresses human senses using unique imaginative ideas, to create a large OLED installation with a theme dubbed as 'Senses of the Future'. LG and Tokujin created a future image where humanity maintains a harmonious balance with advanced technology in a space with warm and beautiful light. The artwork embodied the concept of 'Innovation for a Better Life', in other words, it reflected LG Group's will to pursue innovation while caring and communicating with people. 

Inside the LG exhibition hall, which required visitors to pass through a narrow and dark passage near the entrance of the exhibition hall, our company used 17 'S.F Chairs' assembled using 47 sets of 55-inch OLED signage boards to create a space of bright lights. On the floor, where the artwork was installed, our company's artificial marble product HI-MACS helped the light emitted from OLED boards shine even brighter. With this unique design, LG became the first Korean company to win the 'Milano Design Award' - the highest honor in the exhibition. With regards to LG's 'Senses of the Future' exhibition, the judges said, “The exhibit demonstrated a comprehensive mix of conceptual, technical and emotional aspects in a single project.” 


In addition, our company held a 'Design & Tech Day' seminar at the Melia Milano Hotel in Milan on April 5, introducing European designers and architects to the technology and design of HI-MACS. Famous designer Stefano Giovannoni gave a special speech and earned rave reviews from the audience with his introduction on latest interior trends for kitchens/living rooms/bathrooms and commercial spaces as well as information on venues that feature a combination of various materials.