Improve your lifestyle with DECOCLICK. DECOCLICK is resilient vinyl flooring with Easy Click Technology for residential and commercial use.




phthalate free

Phthalate Free

- Uses 100% Phthalate Free plasticizer only

- Free of 6 types of harmful phthalate plasticizers DOP, BBP, DBP, DIDP,Dn0P, DINP

phthalate free

Stronger Lock

- Patent-pending Fiber Reinforced Layer strengthens locking strength

- DECOCLICK is 30% stronger in locking strength than the competitors


Easy Clean UV Coating

Easy Clean UV Coating

- LG’s exclusive PUR treatment technology provides stronger resistance to contaminants

- Easy cleaning and low maintenance cost (No wax & No polish needed)



- Water resistant

- DECOCLICK is more dimensionally stable than laminate flooring


DECOCLICK Locking System

DECOCLICK Locking System



3.2mm(T) X 150mm X 1220mm
4.0mm(T) X 150mm X 1220mm

HLW/ILW 1204
Pale Cherry

HLW/ILW 1206
Light Classic

HLW/ILW 1203
Honey Classic

HLW/ILW 1205
American Oak

HLW/ILW 1202
Natural Timber


HLW/ILW 2511
Blond Oak

HLW/ILW 1230
Smoked Pine

HLW/ILW 1207
Classic Hickory

HLW/ILW 1208
Heritage Hickory

HLW/ILW 1228
Bleached Pine


HLW/ILW 1227
Washed Oak

HLW/ILW 1201
Silvered Timber

HLW/ILW 1231
Aged Pine